Optimization of Visual Odometry System  1.2.0
CS133 Course Project
CS133 Advanced CPP Final Project

Optimization of Visual Odometry System


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Project Description

​This project builds a visual odometry system with the local optimization (Bundle Adjustment) as well as the global optimization (Loop Closure).


  • tum_dataset fr2/desk (RGB-D SLAM Dataset and Benchmark)
  • Eigen (a C++ template library for linear algebra)
  • OpenCV (open source computer vision library)
  • Ceres (an open source C++ library for modeling and solving large, complicated optimization problems)
  • Boost (provide free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries)
  • gtsam (Georgia Tech Smoothing and Mapping library, 4.0.0-alpha2)


You can use the following commands to compile the package.

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

Run the package

To run a demo, you can use the following commands.

cd build/test

How to use evaluation scripts?

  1. Put your depth map at ./evaluation/ folder(in format same with ground truth).
  2. Run ./triangulation_evaluation/evaluate_ate.py with parameter, parameter help is written in the python parse format.

File Structure

├── Readme.md
├── data
│ └── rgbd_dataset_freiburg2_desk (dataset)
├── vo
│ ├── vo_tools.hpp (visual odometry functions)
│ └── vo_tools.cpp
├── ba
│ ├── ba_tools.hpp (bundle adjustment functions)
│ └── ba_tools.cpp
├── bag_of_words
│ ├── bow_tools.hpp (bag of words functions)
│ └── bow_tools.cpp
├── loop_closure
│ ├── LC_tools.hpp (loop closure functions)
│ └── LC_tools.cpp
├── test
│ ├── main.hpp (the main function to run demo)
│ └── CMakeLists.txt
├── results
│ ├── gt_positions.txt (ground truth trajectory)
│ ├── trajectory.txt (trajectory after simple visual odometry)
│ ├── ba.txt (trajectory after bundle adjustment)
│ └── looped.txt
├── evaluation
│ ├── plot.py (plot the trajectory)
│ └── evaluate_ate.py (evaluate the result)
├── CMakeLists.txt
└── Doxygen File (doxygen file of project)
├── html (please look at index.html)
└── latex


Name Student ID Email
Ruiqi LIU 86396172 liurq.nosp@m.@sha.nosp@m.nghai.nosp@m.tech.nosp@m..edu..nosp@m.cn
Haomin SHI 15852965 shihm.nosp@m.@sha.nosp@m.nghai.nosp@m.tech.nosp@m..edu..nosp@m.cn
Zilin SI 50696105 sizl@.nosp@m.shan.nosp@m.ghait.nosp@m.ech..nosp@m.edu.c.nosp@m.n